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The 20th century also witnessed the use of robots and other types of machinery instead of human power. The 21st century is not changing the game. About the fabric industry, only the developing world today is still using manual tools to meet the needs of their local demand. Lot of innovations have taken place in this manual production of fabric to such an extent that their products can compete in terms of quality and design with those mass produced in the western fabrics. Fasogate‚Äôs focus is on two types of handmade fabrics in West Africa. First, the so-called Faso Danfani, a 100% handwoven cotton locally produced in Burkina Faso in all the four corners of the country. Though handmade, the faso danfani fabrics are of any kinds of colors you can imagine. Second, the Koko Dounda is a hand dyed fabric originating from the second largest city of the country, namely Bobo Dioulasso. Just like the faso danfani, the koko dounda come in different colors. Fasogate is not only making available to you these fabrics, but more important, we are making available to you some finished products (blazers, sweaters, dresses, hand bags…) deriving from these two types of fabrics.


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